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"The sound of the blood rushing inside my ears blocked out what he said next. There was just a whooshing noise growing louder and louder." p 161 

TITLE: The Hanging Girl
AUTHOR: Eileen Cook

PUBLISHER: HMH Books for Young Readers
GENRE: Thriller YA
RELEASE DATE: October 3, 2017

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This week's topic is: Ten Books that Feature Characters who are Killers

*in no particular order
**I clearly have Halloween on the brain so forgive the gruesome topic! 

10. TEN by Gretchen McNeil--I write this post super early for reasons, and I am eagerly anticipating watching this movie version! Teens stranded on an island with no contact to the mainland and there's a killer on the loose somewhere as they all start dying one by one!!
9. GET EVEN by Gretchen McNeil--Gretchen writes yet another delightful (lol) story where this group of friends is being stalked in a sense by a killer!
8. THE BODY FINDER by Kimberly Derting--this one involves a teen girl who can find dead bodies, usually murder victims. Even more eerie is that we get chapters from the killer's POV!!

7. NEARLY GONE by Elle Cosimano--one involving a serial killer on the loose and his notes that he leaves behind are a puzzle that Nearly just might be able to solve! Very good read! The sequel too! I wish there were MORE!
6. CITY OF THE LOST by Kelley Armstrong--while our heroine has killed before, it's not exactly what you might think. When she comes to this town to help hide her BFF, she ends up finding herself solving a murder among the residents!
5. BLACK ICE by Becca Fitzpatrick--our heroine who gets kidnapped by her foes must help them get through the woods. And it becomes clear that murders have taken place nearby!

4. THE DEAD LIST by Jennifer L. Armentrout--a TBR read that I must get to asap! After an attempted murder and having the murderer, likely, stalking her afterward definitely makes for a chilling read.
3. YOU by Caroline Kepnes--still need to obtain a copy, but this one sounds creepy good! Our stalker/maybe a killer is our person of interest aka storyteller!
2. THE DEVIL YOU KNOW by Trish Doller--another TBR read where our heroine for whatever reason takes a road trip with two brothers she JUST MET and oh yeah...one of them is likely a killer!

1. STALKING JACK THE RIPPER by Kerri Maniscalco--oh how I loved this one!! Audrey Rose is out to prove her uncle isn't Jack the Ripper by finding the real killer. So obviously we have a killer on the loose. I still can't believe I didn't see the identity coming! I still feel sideswiped by that! LOL!

ARC Review--Shifter's Fate by Alyssa Rose Ivy

Sometimes fate can't be ignored...

Mattie is desperate when she accepts a librarian position in the small coastal town of Willow Harbor. She plans to spend a few months there, enough time to get a reference and move somewhere she actually wants to be. But fate has other plans.

Pierce has given up on finding his mate. His family line of true shapeshifters will die out, but there is nothing he can do with only a few weeks left before his birthday. Until Mattie shows up in town.

When Mattie's past catches up, and Pierce's family turns on him, will fate be enough to see them through?

Strange Neighbors. Hidden Desires. Small Town Charm. Welcome to Willow Harbor where everyone has a secret. What’s yours?

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest and voluntary review. I was in no way compensated for this review.

Shifter's Fate is the first novel in set of four called Willow Harbor! The novels are all written by different authors and can be read independently or as a set. Alyssa Rose Ivy starts us off with the introduction to Willow Harbor.

In this town, you'll meet a variety of supernatural beings. Mattie though is a human who takes a job as a librarian to escape her current job and trying boss. Mattie realizes pretty quickly that this town is different than what she's known before. There's just an odd sense of different in the air.

Then Mattie meets Pierce, who just happens to be the son of her new boss. Again, we see a sort of fast connection between these two but neither one can explain it or give it a name.

Pierce is the last true shapeshifter. He can take on any animal form that he's seen before. He's not exactly popular in the shapeshifter world. Werewolves and bear shifters don't care for him. Likely due to the fact that he can be so many animals. He has until his 25th birthday in order to find his true mate or else his race will die out. And if the description didn't already tell you, naturally, he believes that Mattie might be that one special person.

But Pierce has enemies about that he doesn't even realize. Ones that threaten any sort of peace he might find with Mattie. He will do anything to protect her and will have to do just that in order to make it to his birthday in the first place.

Like any of Alyssa's books, I was immediately swept away into this story! A brand new world to venture into, yet it's still one I find pleasing! Seriously, secret neighborhoods where supernaturals live? I so want to go! Lol! This town is more secretive than others I've read before, which was a nice turn of pace. While we're in the know on most of the supernatural going-ons, Mattie isn't. So we pretty much explore things through her eyes and adjust to it, while when we are in Pierce's mind we get to know all the secrets. It was a nice way to do things!

This was a nicely paced read! I devoured it in one day if that tells you anything! It's just so easy to keep sweeping through the pages. You don't want to put it down for a minute! At least I didn't! This is definitely one to check out for fans of Paranormal Romance New Adult! 

Overall Rating 4.5/5 stars--a teeny take down because I felt like things towards the end were moving really really fast and the resolution came about so fast I felt like I missed something. Though I did know what happened, but you know how things happen so quickly and you blink and it's suddenly over? That's how it felt.

Shifter's Fate releases October 2, 2017

BLOG TOUR: ARC Review--Ally by Anna Banks


Princess Sepora of Serubel and King Tarik of Theoria have formed an uneasy truce between their kingdoms since the deadly plague began to rip through Theoria. Since their feelings for each other are entangled in politics and power, they must use their own trusted resources to find common ground.

But when traitors with powerful allies arise from unexpected places, Tarik and Sepora face challenges that will change both of their kingdoms forever. Will they learn whom to trust—including each other—in time to save their kingdoms, their relationship and even their lives?

I received this ARC from a fellow blogger in a fair trade. This review is completely voluntary and honest, nor was I compensated for my opinions.

While I had a hard time getting into Nemesis, that was not the case for the followup, Ally! Anna Banks starts things off with a bang and there was a nice run of action, tension, and buildup! For me it was a far more engaging read and I couldn’t get enough of it!

Sepora and Tarik are set to get married, but as Tarik was a bit deceptive and his motives not seeming as heartfelt as she would like, Sepora is none too happy with him. And the fact that her parents have come to visit the palace and have helped arrange the engagement, things aren’t looking so peachy for Sepora. Both her father and Tarik think that she will be more than willing to Forge to aid them in the looming war that is to come from the other countries, but Sepora remains steadfast in her decision not to Forge.

There’s a great deal of tension going around in this one. Sepora has mixed feelings about her engagement to Tarik. True, she has feelings for him, but can’t help but feel he wants her for what she can do. As it is, he’s still trying to find a cure for the Quiet Plague that continues to effect his people. Sepctorium is the key ingredient to the cure and with Sepora refusing to produce more, things remain tense between them as well.

And then Sepora is kidnapped and everything thereafter changes.

This book was really, really good! I liked that when it started we’re immediately thrown into the thick of things. Or close to immediately. Sepora gives Tarik a good roundabout way of the cold shoulder and he remains baffled by her behavior! At times, Tarik really drove me nuts. I get his conflicting feels for her, she lies to him easily and readily and he knows she knows that he knows when she lies (that’s a mouthful!). Sepora herself has conflicting feelings towards him as well. She can’t help but feel that he wants her for her what she can do. That it’s not love driving the desire to marry her. Of course, he was set to marry another and he pretty much breaks off the engagement as soon as it’s set.

So as you can see there’s a lot of miscommunication between these two. Yes, there are lies between them, but it seems they are both guilty of lying. And I guess it made me madder when Tarik got madder at Sepora for this and that and for not willingly Forging for him and the upcoming war. It’s like you could see how it may have possibly been for Sepora and her father when she was forced to Forge. Make it start out as something small, the desire to protect people, to heal people, and then greed takes over and soon she’s locked in a room forced to Forge all day and night. I can easily see this fear haunting Sepora and what guided her to make her decisions despite the animosity it created between her and Tarik.

I have to say that in this one, Sethos really grew on me! I had a brief worry about a love triangle but my fears were quickly put to ease. Sethos was definitely the necessary humor when it came to moments that were just rife with that dreaded tension. That he challenges his brother at every turn was kind of delightful! Being the younger sibling myself, I couldn’t help but root for him and his antics!

This one wasn’t without its feels either! Why I went through a range of emotions when it came to the hot and cold romance between Sepora and Tarik, there was one moment that had me on the verge of hysteric tears! That I was in a public place was probably my only saving grace for saving face! I won’t get into what happened that caused my near tears, but it was a doozie! That’s all I’ll say!

I was quite surprised with how things ended! There were so many shocking revelations that I didn’t see coming nor felt prepared for! My mind was blown! I have to admit, despite my initial reservations about this duology it has become one that I will look back on with good feelings! And the ending was definitely one that had me gushing with delighted feels! I truly didn’t know how things would go after all the events came to pass, but I can happily say that Anna ended things in a way that will please all readers!

Overall Rating 4.5/5 stars


Ally releases October 3, 2017

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About Anna

NYT Bestselling YA author of The Syrena Legacy series: OF POSEIDON (2012), OF TRITON (2013), OF NEPTUNE (2014).

Repped by rockstar Lucy Carson of the Friedrich Agency.

I live with my husband and daughter in the Florida Panhandle. I have a southern accent compared to New Yorkers, and I enjoy food cooked with real fat. I can’t walk in high heels, but I’m very good at holding still in them. If you put chocolate in front of me, you must not have wanted it in the first place.

Favorite Books:

Shatter Me, Cinder, Linger, Shiver, Forever, Pushing the Limits, Unravel Me,Shadow and Bone, Enclave, Divergent, Candor, Graceling, Fire, The Hunger Games Trilogy, The Host, Most of James Patterson, and Janet Evanovich makes me laugh through my nose in an unfeminine sort of way.

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